Marcus Green is passionate about connecting people with their ideal future self, building and running successful companies, and chasing adventure. Marcus is a Utah native with an extensive background in real estate, investing, asset/property management and development. He has a business finance degree and has been a licensed Realtor for over 16 years. Marcus currently owns and runs several companies in both Utah and Arizona. 

  • Owner in Multiple Keller Williams Franchises, UT
  • General Manager of KW Success Keller Williams & KW St. George Keller Williams Realty
  • Owner of Green Management Group, AZ
  • Owner of Green Group Real Estate, AZ
  • Owner of Green Holdings Investment Companies
  • Founder of Green Group Gives-Charity
  • Founding Partner Amicus Title Services
  • Investor
  • Family Man 
  • Outdoor Enthusiast 
  • World Traveler
  • Martial Artist 


Passive Income, Active Life

  • How to Fund your life by design with Passive Income
  • How to define Wealth by YOUR standards
  • How to Identify ‘Freedom Number’ (How much net-worth you need to create the passive income you need to fund your perfect life and leave a Legacy)
  • Create ‘Money Rules’ to live by to hit your goals
  • Identify Investment Vehicles to include in your strategy.

What People Are Saying:

Elizabeth Axelgard – Agent CA 

“Marcus Green has a straightforward perspective, blanketed in knowledge and crowned with achievement. For me, he was and is a very effective communicator, asks excellent questions, and helps me to self-discover. He also provides clear paths to consider. I had more ahas in one 30 minute conversation than I’ve had in a lot of paid coaching. His classes are well organized and speak to a broad audience and if you ever have the chance to coach with him…. Take it.”