What is an All Inclusive Trust Deed

Question:  What is an All Inclusive Trust Deed?

Answer:  Basically a new deed of trust that includes the balance due on the existing note plus new funds advanced.  This is also known and a “wrap around mortgage”.    This situation is most likely used in a situation where a Seller is having difficulty selling a property, or a Buyer is having difficulty qualifying for a mortgage.  Title Companies have the document needed to accomplish this.  There is no UAR form for this.  Title does transfer in this case as opposed to a “Lease Option” where Seller would hold Title. There are inherent risks involved.  When doing this type of loan, make sure all parties involved are in agreement and are aware of the risks.  Usually Buyer and Seller will create an Escrow Account with a Title Co. to collect the new payment funds and disburse funds to the original mortgage holder.  See article below for full explanation: