Propane Tank Question

Question:  How does the transfer of a Propane Tank usually work?

Answer: In nearly all cases the Propane Tank is owned by the Propane Co. and is leased to Buyers or Owners of Homes and Cabins.  The fuel on the other hand is purchased by the Buyer upon obtaining the Tank.  When a Seller sells their property, if the Buyer wants to continue to use that Propane Tank and Co./provider,  Buyer would have to set up a new account with the Propane provider.  The Seller would need to be credited for the remaining fuel in the Tank. The Propane Co would then fill the tank and charge the new owner for a full tank.  Then the Seller would receive a credit for the fuel remaining in the tank.  The only way to know what fuel was left in the tank is for the Propane Co. to top off the tank.  Each Propane provider may have different policies.  Contact the provider for details in your area.