Open House Guidelines

AGENT DESIRES TO HOLD AN OPEN HOUSE FOR ANOTHER KW OR NON KW AGENT:  If an Agent desires to hold an Open house for another Agent’s listing in our KW market center they must: a) have approval from Agent and Seller in writing.  In my market center I approve all agents doing this with Agent and Seller approval.  If it’s another KW Market Center, it would require Broker, Agent, and Seller approval in writing.  If it’s in another non KW Brokerage, it would require Broker, Agent, and Seller approval also in writing. (Reference: R 162-2f-401a Section 12 a-d (12) if the licensee desires to act as a sub-agent for the purpose of showing property owned by a seller who is under contract with another brokerage), prior to showing the seller’s property:

(a) notify the listing brokerage that sub-agency is requested; and
(b) enter into a written agreement with the listing brokerage with which the seller has contracted:
(i) consenting to the sub-agency; and
(ii) defining the scope of the agency;
(c) obtain from the listing brokerage all available information about the property; and
(d) uphold the same fiduciary duties outlined in this Subsection (1);  This rule only applies to an outside Brokerage. KW or Non KW.  I would also recommend that upon greeting a customer or Agent that our Agent disclose who they represent.  Agent’s could represent either Seller or Buyer as long as it is disclosed up front.  If they only represent the  Buyer then this sub agency rule would not apply.  However this relationship between Agents, Brokers and Seller’s should always be clarified in writing.