If I put a listing under contract prior to the photos being posted, do I still need to post them?

If I put a listing under contract prior to the photos being posted, do I still need to post them?

Yes. The WFRMLS and WCBR requires the following regarding photos on ALL listings:

1.21 Listing Photos. Within five (5) Business Days of a Listing being active in the MLS, a minimum of six (6) different photos must be submitted for all Residential property type Listings. One (1) of the photos must be of the front exterior of the house or building. At least four (4) of the photos must be of the inside of the listed structure. For all property types other than Residential, a photo or rendering of the property is optional. All photos included in the MLS must not be misleading and must be a true representation of the property, or of an attribute or amenity of the property. Photos included in the MLS may not contain any images of people. Additionally, photos may not contain any contact information, or any information that is branded to a Participant, Subscriber, or real estate brokerage. No fines will be imposed if the status of a Listing is changed to Off Market (not including Sold or Leased), Withdrawn, Canceled, or a Photo Opt-Out form is submitted to URE within five (5) Business Days after Listing input. If a Residential property is under new construction, a photo is not required. However, upon completion of the construction of the structure, all required photos must be added to the subject Listing.

1.22 Authorization to Use Photos. No Participant or Subscriber may use another Participant’s or Subscriber’s photos without prior written permission.

1.23 Photo Opt-Out. If the Seller does not want Listing photos of the Seller’s property in the MLS, the Seller may submit a Photo Opt-Out Form to URE electing not to submit either interior photos or any photos as part of the Listing. If the Seller opts out of interior photos, at least one exterior photo complying with the Rules must still be submitted. If the Seller subsequently desires to include interior photos, the required number of photos must be submitted.