Filing a complaint with Utah Division of Real Estate

To file a complaint against another agent or brokerage with Utah Division of Real Estate, please follow these steps:

Determine the SPECIFIC violation within the Utah Administrative Rules which can be found here:

To file a complaint with Utah Division of Real Estate the violation needs to be specific to a breach of one of their rules, not an MLS rule or an ethics complaint as that isn’t their jurisdiction.

Once you determine the specific violation go to this link to begin the process:

You may want to consider consulting with Van Kagie at 801-530-6356 prior to completing the form to ensure you have the proper code referenced etc.

How to Submit a Complaint

The Utah Division of Real Estate has regulatory jurisdiction over

  • appraisers
  • appraisal management companies
  • residential mortgage lenders and brokers
  • real estate brokers and agents
  • salespeople for subdivisions, timeshares, and camp resorts.

The Division’s jurisdiction over mortgage lenders is limited to the origination of residential, retail, first mortgages. Banks, credit unions, loan-servicing, and second mortgages are regulated by the Department of Financial Institutions.

The Division does not have jurisdiction over homeowner associations, providers of nightly lodging, landlord/tenant disputes, contract disputes, or monetary damages.

The Division uses complaints to regulate licensees and investigate unlicensed persons who are acting as licensees.  It does not mediate or resolve professional or personal disputes. If you believe you have a legal claim for monetary damages, you should consult an attorney about pursuing a civil lawsuit.

If you have a complaint relating to the honesty and competency of one of the Division’s licensees or believe an unlicensed person is acting as a licensee, please complete the form below and submit your complaint to the Division by mail, fax, or in person. Please also submit all documentation that supports the complaint.