Does Seller have to provide receipts for repair items completed?

Question:  Does the Seller have to provide “Receipts” for completed repairs done on the Resolution of Due Diligence?

Answer:  Section 3 of the Resolution of Due Diligence states the following:  3. [ ] REPAIRS TO BE MADE BY SELLER. Seller and Buyer agree that Seller will be responsible for completion of the repairs by the Settlement Deadline. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, Seller shall, through contractors, complete the repairs to comply with applicable Law, including governmental permit, inspection and approval requirements.  If this section is marked in the affirmative, then all repairs shall be performed in a workmanlike manner with materials of quality and appearance comparable to existing materials.

Note: The Seller needs to use licensed Contractors to complete repairs.  There is no requirement to provide receipts for work completed, however if requested by Buyer and agreeable to Seller, receipts may be provided.