Disclosure of buyers contingent contract to seller in a subject to sale negotiation

When presenting an offer which is “Subject To Sale Of Buyer’s Residence” it isn’t uncommon for the seller and/or listing agent of the property being offered upon to request additional documentation relating to the contract in place (if there is one) for the property which the offer is subject to. To disclose the details of that offer you’ll need to get permission from the parties of that agreement prior to sending to the other agent. Redacting, or blacking out, crucial portions of the contract such as buyer names, purchase price could be called for and should be a consideration for the parties. i.e. disclosing an agreed upon purchase price prior to closing could create an unfair advantage for an outside party should the current contract fail and the home go back to the market.

The goal of this request is to gauge how solid the offer in place is and whether there are any contingencies on it that could prove problematic to the chain of transactions. When presented with this request it’s best to ask what information they are seeking specifically and then work to provide that information, with the approval of the parties to that contract.