Covid 19 Corona Virus Information

Covid-19 Real Estate Guidance per WFRMLS

Managing Your Listings in the MLS

ShowingTime & MLS Showing Instructions

  • For added safety, the default appointment settings for ShowingTime are set so that the “No Overlapping Showings” option is enabled. This means that two agents won’t be scheduled to be in the same property at the same time, unless this default is overridden by the listing agent or office.

  • Please make sure ShowingTime and other showing-related instructions in the MLS are up to date and reflect any information that may have recently changed (for example, if the seller is now working from home).

    • Click here for information on updating ShowingTime settings

Virtual Open Houses and Showings

  • To accommodate requests to conduct open houses online, a new Virtual Open House feature has been added to the MLS. When adding an open house to a listing, simply designate that the open house type is “Virtual” and you will be prompted to enter the URL associated with that virtual open house. Examples of platforms with live stream capabilities include Google, GoToMeeting, Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, etc.

    • Click here for more details on how to set up a virtual open house in the MLS.

  • ShowingTime also has a feature that can be used to facilitate virtual/video showings.

    • Click here for information about setting up a virtual/video showing in ShowingTime.

Open Houses

  • The MLS has an administrative tool that allows users to add information about upcoming Open Houses to their listing in the MLS. If you have canceled or changed information regarding one of your upcoming Open Houses, please make sure that information on your listing has been updated in the MLS.

    • Click here for information on updating Open House information in the MLS.

  • does not encourage open houses at this time, however, the decision to hold an open house is one that we believe is ultimately up to the listing broker and their client to determine.

    • Click here for information from the National Association of REALTORS (“NAR”) on Open House Guidance During COVID-19

Status Changes

  • Off Market: If your seller is unsure whether they still want to sell their property, and they want to temporarily cease any showings and no longer want the property actively marketed as being for sale, the “Off Market” status should be used.

  • Withdrawn: If your seller decides to no longer sell their property, but your listing agreement with your seller is to remain in effect until the listing expires, the “Withdrawn” status should be used.

  • Canceled: If your seller decides to no longer sell their property, and your listing agreement with the seller is canceled and terminated (i.e. a valid listing agreement is no longer in effect), the “Canceled” status should be used.

Managing Offers

  • The Utah Association of REALTORS® (“UAR”) recently released a new form called the COVID-19 Addendum to the Real Estate Purchase Contract. This form has been added to the Forms Library in the MLS. Please contact the UAR if you have any specific questions on the use of this form.


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