Contract deadlines

Question:  If an agent emails you an accepted contract at 9:05 pm, is the contract date that day or the next day when you realize the other Agent sent it to you?

Answer:  Section 21 of the REPC states the following: 21. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. Time is of the essence regarding the dates set forth in the REPC. Extensions must be agreed to in writing by all parties. Unless otherwise explicitly stated in the REPC: (a) performance under each Section of the REPC which references a date shall absolutely be required by 5:00 PM Mountain Time on the stated date; and (b) the term “days” and “calendar days” shall mean calendar days and shall be counted beginning on the day following the event which triggers the timing requirement (e.g. Acceptance). Performance dates and times referenced herein shall not be binding upon title companies, lenders, appraisers and others not parties to the REPC, except as otherwise agreed to in writing by such non party.  In answer to this question the contract date would be the next day because Notice was after 5:00 PM.