Confirmation of Earnest Money Receipt Guidelines

In all transactions a Confirmation of Earnest Money Receipt shall be obtained and submitted with the file for review. The receipt must include at a minimum the following:

1. Subject Property Address

2. Buyers Name(s)

3. Sellers Name(s)

4. Agency Identification for both buyer and seller including agents name(s) and Brokerage

5. Date/Time received

6. Amount received

7. Type of deposit received, i.e. check, cashiers check, wire transfer etc.

8. Name and position of recipient

9. Signature of recipient

Q: What if I represent the seller and the buyers agent won’t provide a confirmation of receipt, or it was deposited at a title company and they won’t provide a receipt but they did provide a copy of the check?

A.  Agents shall make all reasonable attempts to collect the Earnest Money Receipts. This should not be a problem with a Title Co.  However if another agent refuses to provide the Receipt, Agents can make the request from the other Agents Broker.