All UAR Forms – Use a Realtor!

Curtis Bullock (Courtesy of)

Think it’s easy to sell your home in this hot market? How hard could it be right? There are a minimum of 87 possible legal documents in Utah amounting to hundreds of pages of forms, notices, agreements, disclosures and contracts that may or may not be applicable in your purchase or sale. See the list below!
You might even receive multiple offers on your home. If you do, do you know how to evaluate which one is the best for you? There is much more to an offer than the price.
For many years I have seen way too much frustration, headache, liability and lost money when people try to figure this out on their own thinking they are going to save a buck.
Having an experienced RealtorĀ® on your side is well worth it!
1. Real Estate Purchase Contract (REPC)
2. Addendum/Counter Offer to REPC
3. Deposit of Earnest Money with Title Company Addendum
4. REPC Commercial
5. New Construction REPC
6. Change Order Addendum
7. Transaction Documents Receipt
8. Exclusive Buyer Broker Agreement & Agency Disclosure
9. Non-Exclusive Buyer Broker Agreement & Agency Disclosure
10. Limited Agency Consent Agreement
11. Exclusive Right to Seller Listing Agreement
12. For Sale By Owner Agreement & Agency Disclosure
13. Unrepresented Buyer Disclosure
14. Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure
15. Seller’s Property Disclosure – Land
16. Addendum to Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure
17. Seller’s Financing Addendum to REPC
18. Buyer Financial Information Sheet
19. Buyer Due Diligence Checklist
20. FHA/VA Addendum to REPC
21. Assumption Addendum to REPC
22. Lead Based Paint Addendum to REPC
23. Disclosure & Acknowledgment – Lead Paint
24. Secondary “Back-Up” Addendum
25. Subject to Sale of Buyer’s Property Addendum
26. Option to Keep House on Market “Time Clause” Addendum
27. Subject to Seller Securing Replacement Property Addendum
28. Third Party Approval of REPC Addendum
29. Third Party Approval of Property Addendum
30. 1031 Exchange Addendum
31. Park City Landscaping & Maintenance of Soil Cover
32. Disclosure of Interest Addendum
33. Interest-Bearing Deposit Addendum to REPC
34. FIRPTA Addendum to REPC
35. REPC for Land
36. Short Sale Addendum to REPC
37. Secondary “Back-Up” Contract for Short Sale Addendum
38. Acknowledgement of Third Party Approval Addendum
39. Short Sale Disclosure
40. Addendum – Multiple Offers
41. Multiple Offer Disclosure form
42. Seller’s Notice to Buyers of Multiple Offers
43. Addendum to Listing Agreement (Subagency)
44. Addendum to Exclusive Buyer-Broker Agreement (Subagent)
45. Addendum to Non-Exclusive BB Agreement (Subagent)
46. How to Complete the Assignment & Assumption of REPC
47. Assignment & Assumption of REPC
48. Assignment of Interest Addendum to REPC
49. Simultaneous Closing Addendum to REPC
50. How to Complete Simultaneous Closing Addendum
51. Lease Agreement with Option for Option for Purchase
52. Addendum to ERTS & Agency Disclosure
53. Addendum to EBB & Agency Disclosure
54. Addendum to ERTS & Agency Disclosure Lease Option
55. Buyer’s Notice of Cancellation of REPC
56. Confirmation of Receipt of Earnest Money
57. Addendum to ERTS – Short Sale
58. Contingent Cancellation Addendum
59. Reinstatement of REPC Addendum
60. Resolution of Earnest Money Dispute (Mutual Release)
61. Seller’s Notice of Cancellation of REPC
62. Short-Term Lease Back Agreement
63. Seller’s Notice to Back Up Buyer of Termination of Primary Contract
64. Seller’s Notice of Withdrawal of Counteroffer
65. Buyer’s Notice of Withdrawal of Offer/Counteroffer
66. Closing Costs Addendum
67. Personal Property Transfer Agreement Instruction Sheet
68. Personal Property Transfer Agreement & Bill of Sale
69. Addendum to Personal Property Transfer Agreement
70. Inventory List of Personal Property
71. Single Party Compensation Agreement
72. Residential Rental Agreement
73. Addendum to ERTS & Agency Agreement (Residential Lease)
74. Representation & Compensation Agreement (Lease)
75. Resolution of Due Diligence Addendum to REPC
76. Cancellation & Termination of EBB Agreement
77. Cancellation & Termination of ERTS Agreement
78. Solar Panel System Addendum
79. Wire Fraud Alert Disclosure
80. Buyer’s Notice to Seller of Termination of Buyer’s 3rd Party Contract (Subject to Sale)
81. Seller’s Notice to Buyer of Accepted Offer (Multiple Offer Addendum)
82. Seller’s Notice to Buyer of Substantial Completion (New Construction)
83. Seller’s notice to Buyer of Accepted Offer (Time Clause Notice)
84. Request to HOA For Documentation
85. Real Estate Brokerage Payment Addendum to REPC
86. Covid-19 Addendum
87. Buyer’s Notice to Seller of Removal of Conditions (Time Clause Notice).